Are you or someone you know having a difficult time and have considered counselling but are not sure what it involves and whether it can help?

Would you like 6 FREE counselling sessions?

Counselling is a great way to explore our feelings and experiences in a safe and supportive environment working with a therapist who is empathetic and supportive to help you work through any issues or challenges in your life.

I am currently training to be a counsellor and am in my final year of training.  As part of this training I have to accrue clinical hours – this means working with clients free of charge to build up these hours and support my training and final qualification.

I am able to provide a minimum of 6 sessions to clients free of charge and am able to help in a variety of ways.

The sessions will be conducted in my therapy room where I will provide a safe, empathetic and supportive environment for you to talk through any challenges you are currently facing.    What you share is confidential between us.

Interested?  Then please contact me – click here to find out how.

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