Hello and a Warm Welcome to Mind Calm Therapy

Are you facing a some challenges that life often throws our way but are finding it difficult to work through them?  Are you looking to make changes in your life but are not sure where to start, or even how to start?  At some point we all suffer with concerns or troubles that may inhibit our happiness and wellbeing.  

The first, and often biggest step is accepting there is something you want to change and reaching out for help.   We all need help from time to time in our busy hectic lives and that’s ok.  All too often we struggle to know who to ask for help as everyone else seems to have their own problems and we feel guilty reaching out as we don’t like to feel like a burden, so we are left feeling alone and isolated not knowing where to turn.

Therapy provides you with a safe place to explore your situation in a safe, supportive and confidential environment with someone who can empathise and understand your situation and help guide you to solutions, new ways of thinking, or just give you space to explore your thoughts and feelings.  

Mind Calm are based in Milton Keynes and offer a wide variety of helpful therapies to help guide you make simple changes and lead the life you want live putting you back in control and in the driving seat.  

What People Say

It’s understandable and perfectly natural that you may feel nervous about seeing a therapist for the first time.  Most of my clients feel this way so it’s really important that when we first speak or meet you feel welcomed, comfortable and at ease. 

I hope that by sharing how others have experienced working with me it will give you some comfort too.  

How Therapy Can Help

Using an integrative approach a wide variety of symptoms can be treated.  Recognising that everyone is unique and will experience these symptoms in different ways we can work through different approaches and explore different solutions that feel right for you.

What can I expect?

You will be welcomed into a comfortable and safe environment where we can talk through how we can work together to bring greater understanding to your symptoms and help you back to increased mental health and wellbeing.  I offer a discreet, professional and ethical service completely tailored to your needs respecting your values, personal, cultural or religious beliefs.

Want to find out more?

I’m sure you may have some questions or concerns or want to find out a little bit more about what therapy involves which is absolutely natural.  I can arrange a 20 minute initial consultation either by telephone or in person.    Simply click on the link below, or call me and I’ll be in touch.

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Professional Associations

As part of being a therapist I belong to the following professional associations.